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if you run your fingernail over the glass scratch and it does not get caught then yes, it can be repaired.
Remove iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTouch glass scratches.
greenhouse glass scratch repair
windscreen scratch repair
Glass Scratch Repair provide a low cost solution to the problem of scratched glass. Our glass scratch removal kit provides you with an alternative to buying replacement glass which can be hard to find and/or difficult to fit.
Economical solution to your glass scratch repair problem.
Easy to use glass scratch remover kit - comes with easy to follow instructions on how to remove glass scratches.
Replacement Pads + additional powders available.
We have continually improved the product and have ensured that it satisfies the criteria we expect when buying goods ourselves.  
Fast delivery.
dispatched within 24 hours.
No hidden extras needed.
Just a drill and mixing container needed.
Not complicated.
comes complete with comprehensive instructions
on removing scratches from glass.
Value for money.
re-usable with replacement parts always available.
See here for instructions on how to remove scratches from glass.
windscreen glass scratch repair
conservatory glass scratch remover
remove aquarium glass scratches
Here are some suggested uses for our glass scratch removal kit:-
scratched windows, remove windscreen scratches, scratched glass table tops, patio doors, automotive glass, volcanic ash glass scratch remover, aquariums/fish tanks, remove volcanic ash scratches from glass, double glazed units, abrasive scuffs on glass, stubborn glass stains remover, conservatories, remove scratches from glass, iPod Touch, iPod, iPhone, marine applications, windscreen scratch remover, volcanic ash glass scratch repair.
See here for more information about our glass scratch remover.
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The original and still the market leader in glass scratch repair kits.
We are able to deliver to Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, US - no problem.
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